Lipwood House

Lipwood House was a rare find for us, tucked away along a private road in the centre of Windermere.

We acquired this property in August 2019.

Originally serving as Victorian Gentleman’s residence, the property was divided into five apartments, each in need of modernisation. We immediately saw the opportunity to put our own touch on this beautiful building and add some additional value by creating 6 apartments.

We renovated the apartments to our usual high standards, giving each one their own unique design, decor and sense of personality. The works took ten months, finishing in June 2020 with 1x 1-bed, 4x 2-bed and 1x 3-bed apartments, ranging from 64 – 107 sqm, delivered to the market. We sold one apartment off-plan before works were completed and three apartments within two weeks of advertising. It was clear that Windermere had nothing like this on offer and the reception was incredible. We proved once again that by understanding the market we could create highly desirable properties and an attractive proposition for investors. 

My experience was fantastic. The investment terms were clear from the outset, formalised professionally and I was kept up to date. I was so pleased with the returns that I opted to keep my capital invested for the next project. Great team.

Anne Lewis, Investor
Project Name: Lipwood House
Project Architect: Lind Studio